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learn. play. grow.
About Me

Located in the Kenton neighborhood

We want The Strawberry Patch to exemplify cooperative and pro-social values.  We aim to build strong bonds between the children and us, as well as between them, and in doing so, establish a harmonious and care-free environment.  The impressions left by their time here should carry them into the world with positive habits, greater awareness, stability, joy, and love of learning.

1242 N Kilpatrick Street

A Play and Inquiry based preschool

About Our School

ABOUT Our School

The Strawberry Patch is an in-home Preschool located in North Portland for potty-trained children 2.5 to 5 years of age.  The Strawberry Patch has two full time teachers and a low student-to-teacher ratio of 6:1.  The school is run and organized by Jeanine VanSise, an Oregon K-5 teacher who was inspired to start a preschool where play and learning can come together in a warm, loving setting; and her co-teacher, Joshua Mitchell.  Play is emphasized at The Strawberry Patch because young children learn best through exploration and experimentation.  Through thoughtfully planned activities students will be exposed to: wonderful children's literature, art activities, storytelling, inquiry science, letters and numbers, fine motor and gross motor play, dress up, music, and much more!  Children are provided with stimulating indoor activities, and outdoor play time every day.  Each day is new and exciting for kids!  The preschool opened in Eugene in 2010, and relocated to Portland (where Jeanine grew up) in 2017. 

At The Strawberry Patch Preschool the needs of every individual child are embraced.  Every child comes to school from unique backgrounds and has their own needs, strengths, challenges, and interests.  Jeanine and Josh strive to help students develop physically, emotionally, socially, and individually as well as academically.  At The Strawberry Patch students' interests and needs are key in activity planning, literature choices, and free-play time!

we may have a new address, but we still love our video!

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