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Daily Schedule

creating a rhythm through play and exploration

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Our rhythm

The daily schedule at The Strawberry Patch Preschool was created with our children’s needs in mind: new engaging activities on a daily/weekly basis to stimulate the mind and body, provided within our structured daily routine so the kids always know what is expected of them during their time at school.

We are open

Monday-Thursday 8am-2pm 

with optional Friday care 8-2pm

children arrive


Our doors are unlocked and families arrive!  The first hour of our day together is outdoor play time.  When the weather is cold we offer the option to play indoors.  Every Thursday we make individual sourdough loaves at 9am, which the kids get to take home (a favorite part of our week).

snack time


We provide healthy vegetarian snacks each morning!  Often we have kid-made smoothies and homemade sourdough bread (we love to toast it and offer a variety of topping options).

circle & project


After a morning of choice time children are excited for our daily gathering around the circle! Circle time includes a daily Loving Kindness meditation, our weekly letter study, calendar, songs/dances, and story!  

Project time is always different, and typically goes along with our weekly/monthly theme.  

choice time

 11:15 (ish)

Children are allowed to finish up project at their own pace, and then head out into the school for choice time.  Children can explore the many options on our shelves that relate to our weekly theme, enjoy art activities, play in our play rooms, read stories or relax in our circle room, or have one on one time with a teacher!


 12:15 (ish)

Lunches are sent from home daily.  During lunch we listen to a Sparkle Story and discuss the lesson in the story together.

Afternoon Art & Play


After finishing lunch kids enjoy more gross motor play in the backyard!  On cold days they may choose to enjoy an indoor art opportunity. At 1:45 we will gather to share our favorite part of the day (or daily practice of gratitude).  This will ease us into the next transition of getting ready to go home. 



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