School Goals

Be Safe.  Be Respectful.  Be a self-manager

We Use the Caring discipline approach for guidance and discipline 

Keeping the kids at the Strawberry Patch safe is of utmost importance!  They should feel safe physically and mentally around me and the other children.  Children will be expected to keep hands and feet to themselves.  We will discuss and model ways to play both indoors and outdoors that keep us safe.  There are strict boundaries around toy weapons and play fighting.  There is zero tolerance for toy weapons at school.  I understand, and respect, that this is permitted in many homes.  Please respect that it is not allowed at school, and keep these toys at home (especially if it is your child’s sharing day).  


Be safe

be respectful

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I will always respect your children.  Kids are such wonderful little people, often with so much to teach adults! This is something I am reminded of daily as a teacher!  At The Strawberry Patch, we will continually work on respecting each other.  This will include:  Using kind words, communicating, socializing, problem-solving respectfully, including everyone in play, listening, and taking turns/sharing.   

Be a self-manager

At The Strawberry Patch I will help students learn to manage and control their own behaviors.  With clear expectations and a structured/predictable school week students will learn to monitor themselves.  I will discourage “tattling” unless it is a matter of safety, and instead encourage the children to communicate with each other if something upsets them.  I will always have a quiet area in the school where kids can choose to go if they need to rest or have some individual play time to cool down.  Outside of behaviors we will work on many self-management skills, which will include:  washing hands, putting on shoes/jackets, putting away your own toys/activities, eating/drinking in a respectful way.