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An exciting new blog!

During my time running the Eugene location of The Strawberry Patch Preschool I had a teaching blog that I posted on regularly to share ideas with fellow teachers and families with young kids. I had this personal blog going and was also lucky enough to get asked to be a guest blogger over at for awhile sharing my ideas on their "Toddler Talk" and "Kid Talk" sections. Now, during this new phase, I am excited to connect my new blog to the preschool's website so that everyone attending our little school can easily check in now and again!

If you are curious, you can get to know me, and my teaching style, a little better by taking a look at my old blog (but...I'll probably move a few of my favorite posts over here shortly!):

I was definitely made to be a preschool teacher-I LOVE the crafts, the projects, the art, the small and large discoveries made on a daily basis with the kids. If you have made your way here and you have a website sharing teaching ideas, please connect with me! I love making new teaching friends along the way and as I start teaching here in Portland I would love to idea share with other people who love teaching preschool as much as I do!

Here is a sneak peek at our newest "gentle play" area. We are studying the life-cycle of butterflies and I knew I wanted to have out a caterpillar & butterfly invitation to play. Stay tuned for all the details about making one of your own!

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